Alexandra discovered her love for dance at the very young at of 4. Walking around on a day out at the Ideal Home Exhibition with her Mum (Lyndsey) and Nan (Josie) when she heard music and spotted a stage! Before her Mum could even shout her back she had managed to make her way through the crowd, right up to the front of the audience, where she stood tip toed peeping over the stage completely wide eyed. Mesmerised as the Dancers and Models performed on the catwalk Alexandra stayed captivated and infatuated, it was that moment that both she and her Mum knew that dance was where she belonged. After a few months searching, at the age of 5 Alexandra enrolled at The Carlo Rossi School of Dance, moving onto achieving her diploma and all round distinctions at The Brit School of Performing Arts, Arts Ed and fitness qualifications at Premier International. From the start of her dance journey she had a strong vision of what she would like to achieve and began her journey in creating it.

Whilst performing for Pineapple Dance, the International dance sports team, working as a professional dancer, regional Dance Teacher and Sky Sports Dance Fitness Instructor, Alexandra decided to utilize her knowledge and experience in her own way to create something with an edge. With a fresh young approach and ambition and enthusiasm to succeed she set about utilizing her 3 passions of dance, fitness and music to create an innovation proving that everyone can dance and that exercise can be fun.

April 27th 2012 Alexandra teamed up with international Ministry of sound DJ Joelle Atkins to launch Alexandra Dance Fitness. What began as a company soon evolved into a Dance School catering for girls and boys of all ages and abilities from beginner through to professional.

The ADF School of Dance enjoyed week in-week out by pupils, students, dancers and clients has had an amazing 5 years to date. Two overwhelming productions ‘Wonderwall’ (2014), ‘Four’ (2016), competitions won in the UK, performances in and around Surrey and London and the launch of it’s very own dance fitness fashion brand ADFASHION (2013).

Each year ADF develops to new heights with 2017 being no exception. With a third production in the pipeline, the next line of clothing in ADFashion on its way and the first ADF Dance Academy launching in Sardinia-Italy this Summer, the result driven, open minded, fun ADF journey continues to grow – Always moving forwards and striving in the right direction.

Offering direction in Dance and freedom in Fitness since 2012.

"Throughout my dance training and career I have experienced many different approaches in the world of Dance. From this I have realised that dance and fitness is achievable for all when you input the fun factor. Fun enables you to lighten the learning process and escape the realisation of the exercise that you are enduring.

My ultimate goal when beginning ADF was to create a youthful dance environment that was a fun, friendly place to learn, where I could pass on my knowledge, experience and all that I have learnt since 1995 and continue to learn in the dance industry to date.

My unique approach to dance breaks the mould in the stereotypical learning process. To me the most important part of a students learning is that they are having fun, feeling comfortable to be themselves and free to bring out their own individual personalities.

Everyone has their own natural move or groove, none of which I feel should ever be told to be wrong. By taking the time to get to know my dancers as individuals – their strengths, weakness’ and characters, it enables me to grasp each person’s most effective way of learning and build great relationships with each student, so that they are able to improve individually whilst developing as a class, team, crew or squad.

My unique approach to dance fitness gives everyone the tools that they need to develop skills, improve technique and look and feel their best. With classes specially designed to strengthen, tone and co-ordinate - By doing exercise that really works, I reduce your workout time without compromising your results.

For me you can only commit to something and truly be good at if you love what you do, since beginning ADF it has been touching to see how much passion there is for dance, the development from the ADF concept and how supportive ADF families are. The two most important things to me are Family and dancing and to have a Dance Company full of excelling Students from such Family orientated backgrounds is what I set out to achieve!

Over the past 5 years I have purposely provided classes and put on productions for a sentimental reason or to celebrate a special occasion. This for me adds a unique feel , enabling students to build close friendships within the Dance School and ensuring that my passion and enthusiasm is injected into every class that you take and every show that is put on.

The past 5 years have been a continuous learning curve and amazing journey for me, seeing something that began as an idea/vision become an evolving reality. Whether a Student has been with ADF since the beginning 5 years ago (4, 3, 2, 1) or just joined, what I can see is that each individual takes something from classes which is bought out in their everyday lives. This to me is making a difference through dance and that is what counts.

With the ADF Dancers dance ability, passionate attitudes and routine levels hitting the standard that they are, competitions and performances are on an all time high for us this year. The April launch of the new clothing line for ADFashion is something that I am very much looking forward to everyone seeing and wearing , on top of all this the excitement of jetting off to Sardinia-Italy this Summer to launch the first ADF Dance Academy, definitely makes up an exciting set year ahead for us all.

Our last production entitled Four was a celebration of 4 ADF years, our first show Wonderwall was given it’s name in memory of my Grandad Bob and seen as my Grandad Pete left us before our ADF days begun and his anthem is so fitting, I feel it’s only right to name and announce that our next show in the making will be called ‘My Way’ as that is certainly how the last 5 years at ADF have been done.

Here’s to our 5th year - Be a part of the innovation!"