Dance Testimonials

"The ADF School of Dance has been the greatest experience for my Daughter. Alex is the most passionate and creative Instructor that was born to dance and teach. She elevates her dance students to challenge themselves and encourages them to try newer and more innovative dance/genre/styles. It’s been an honour to watch Alex develop her dancers. My Daughter leaves classes enthusiastic, happy and anxious to return to her next class. The climate, creativity and friendships that have been created with Alex’s vision and innovation is thrilling. The ADF School of Dance is the absolute pinnacle of Dance. If you want a top notch dance experience look no further than ADF. Alex is exceptional – No one comes close."


"My Daughter is Alex’s biggest fan. She comes bouncing out of all of her classes and practices the routines constantly. Alex has nurtured my Daughters love for dance and boosted her performance confidence. Dance shows are a testament to Alex’s dedication to her students. My Daughter always feels so proud of her performances and the whole company never fails to impressive. Alex is everything you would want in a Dance Teacher – Energetic, kind, fun and inspiring."


"My Daughter is approaching her 5th year of dancing with Alex and she absolutely loves it. Competitions and performances are the highlight of her year and have given her great confidence and belief in herself to dance publically. Alex is an excellent Teacher with drive and passion which shines through her Students as you watch them develop their routines to a professional standard. I admire Alex’s ethos of working hard while having fun and that is exactly what the classes are about. What a journey they have all had with her and it all pays off when you see the end results in productions... Truly amazing!"


"At first my Son was put off by the majority of the ADF dance classes being girls but I encouraged him to go along to try a class and he came back from his first one very very excited! He told me to make sure I enrolled him at The ADF School of Dance as he absolutely LOVED it!! Everyone loves the classes and really relates to Alex. Alex is so friendly and approachable and both my Son and Daughter have so much fun while learning to dance, dance, dance. Two years done the line and both of them just love it!"


"Alex is a great inspiration and has truly inspired my Daughters love of dance who has been at ADF since the beginning! Full of energy and enthusiasm Alex knows how to bring out the best in all of her Students, especially when it comes to the added focus of competitions which are challenging, fun and rewarding for the girls. The A Team love having something to work towards and it has been wonderful to watch my Daughter grow in both confidence and skill over the past 5 years and develop into an accomplished and talented dancer."


"Alex is a very inspiring Teacher who is immensely popular with her Students. My Daughter has been at ADF for 2 years now and LOVES it!! Alex’s passion, dedication, enthusiasm and love for dance is infectious, because she builds such a good rapport with everyone there is a fantastic team spirit at ADF which is invaluable in building all Students confidence."


"My Daughter's ADF Dance party was great! Alex was amazing with everyone and by the end of the party she had taught the girls an entire routine which they performed. I received so many compliments afterwards from every Parent about how much fun their child had and my Daughter could not stop smiling the entire time!"


"Everyone in my team loved our Halloween themed party with Alex – What a fantastic dance experience. Alex made it!! She was brilliant, fun, upbeat, enthusiastic and patient with us all. She is an amazing dancer and we were chuffed to have learnt the Thriller routine in the time that we had with her – What a fantastic time."


"I had no idea what I was walking into on my hen weekend and when I saw a dancer standing in front of me saying that we were about to learn the Dirty Dancing routine I was quite surprised and a little scared to say the least, but Alex could not of been more encouraging and fun if she tried. If the girls had told me that this was our plan I would of told them that they were crazy but I had (excuse the pun) the time of my life and my surprise dance hen party made my weekend. Alex’s way of teaching the routine made me feel so comfortable and carefree. Within minutes it was like she had known us for years and fitted the routine to our mixed abilities perfectly! Looking back on the videos and photos that Alex kindly did for us will always make me smile and laugh. Wine set out, pretty banners set up, dirty dancing music blasting plus learning a full routine which my hens and I later decided to perform to my Husband at my Wedding reception as a surprise... I just couldn’t of asked for more! Thanks Alex – What a great day."


"This Christmas we struggled to come up with a present that we thought Lucy would really love until we had a brainwave and decided to ask Alex if she could do private 1-2-1 sessions. The hour sessions were obviously very well received and Lucy has loved every minute of her private sessions. Alex wanted Lucy to get involved in the sessions as much as possible and contacted us before the first session to discuss what type of music and dance Lucy would like to do. The sessions have been choreographed so each week Lucy learns new steps to add to the routine. At the end of a 6 week block Lucy will have learnt a whole new routine (personalised for her) and I’m looking forward to finally being let in my kitchen to watch the end result. Alex as an Instructor is lovely. She is polite, considerate and always on time. She talks to Lucy in a way that completely engages her, motivates her and makes her strive to improve and practice. I would not hesitate in buying 1-2-1 sessions again in the future, they make a fantastic present! Happy Dancing!"


Words from the ADF Students

"I would never miss a dance class, I look forward to seeing and dancing with Alex every week and want to be a part of ADF forever!"

"I never imagined that I would be able to dance how I can now. Dancing at ADF has encouraged me to look at dancing from a different point of view. Since I started dance at ADF I have never stopped learning and have loved it more and more!"

"I love being taught by a professional. Alex is hilarious, cool and fun and I would not of liked dance if it wasn't for her."

"ADF is what wakes me up in the morning. Dancing is what makes me and that is thanks to Alex."

"My dancing has come such a long way. Alex makes anything possible. She is funny, friendly and always full of surprises!"

"Dance is something that I have always loved but ADF exceeded that passion. Alex's enthusiasm is infectious, it makes us really enjoy learning and I wouldn't chose another dance class for the world."

"ADF dance shows have so much time, care and effort put into making them perfect. I love every single second of our dance shows and felt privileged to be a part of something special."

"Whenever I enter the dance studio Alex always makes me happy. I like ADF because it feels like Family and we all work hard together."

"When I found ADF I was 8yrs old. Here I am 4 years on and I'm still loving it!!"

"ADF is so much fun and Alex has helped me so much, now when I grow up I want to be a Dancer."

"Dancing with ADF makes everyone excited. Alex makes everyone feel welcome and encourages everyone to bring out their personalities. Being a part of the Dance School is like paradise."

"In my opinion if anyone said that they didn't like ADF I would instinctively say that they were lying. I have been to other Dance Schools and ADF is the best by far!"

"ADF is such a fun way to do sport. Alex's way of teaching has made me take dance more seriously and want to do dance even more. I now understand expressing feelings through dance and love the feeling of putting my emotions accross through movement."

"If I had to pick one word to summarise ADF it would be... Amazing!! When I saw a performance by The ADF School of Dance I was inspired to join. Dance has made me a better person when it comes to friendship and confidence. I LOVE ADF!!!"

"ADF has the best teacher in the world. Having a young dancer as a teacher makes so much difference to the way that we learn. Alex feels more like a friend than a teacher and is an inspiration to us all. She makes classes feel so free, but to me this is the best way to learn."

"Alex's music is always on point and her choreography is so cool. Each routine for every class is more difficult than the last but always achieveable. Even though hard at first Alex will not let us stop until we feel confident with the moves and is so patience and understanding of us all. Alex pushes us to bring out our personalities in dances, she knows what we are all capable of and pushes us so that we put our ALL into every rehearsal, training session, performance, competition and show!"

Fitness Testimonials

"I LOVE going to classes with Alex. I cannot wait to get my feet tapping and hips swaying in her high energy classes. Even if you have two left feet Alex brings out the inner Goddess/God in you. The most fun you can have in a workout is with Alex. Always smiling and happy her classes leave you feeling alive; energised and ready to hit the dance floor."


"Love! Love! Love! Alexandra Dance Fitness. The classes are so unique where you get to learn a full dance routine with lots of fitness step included so you feel like you have had a proper workout. Alex is such a cool Teacher and ensures everyone has got the moves before she moves on. She makes it so fun and accessible. Always a great hour spent."


"The most energetic fun filled effective classes I’ve been too! Alex makes it accessible to all and high intensity to burn the calories. I absolutely love the classes and the great thing about them is that you do not have to be an amazing dancer to come along. No matter what age, ability, dance or fitness level you are you are guaranteed a fun energising workout."


"Fab workouts! The passion Alex injects into the classes makes you feel motivated. I get so much more out of it than going to the gym."


"Alex is such a lively and lovely girl! Classes are energetic and fun so we get the blood pumping and the muscles working with a smile on our face. Alex is not only fun but she is also an expert in what she does and is always there to support us and keep us motivated. The best thing is that she knows how to push us but also respects our limits and has a lot of patience. You can tell Alex absolutely loves her job and I always cannot wait to get dancing again."


"Alex’s classes feel like a fun night spent dancing with the girls. Her choice of music and dance routines are relevant, up to date, modern and most of all fun so that you don’t even realise that you are exercising. Alex is motivating, encouraging, extremely passionate about what she does and I have a lot to be thankful to Alex for and believe me I am."